Publications - Historical and Genealogical

A number of publications have been created to assist researchers in accessing the wealth of genealogical and historical information contained within the collections of the State Records Office. The publications described below, produced by the State Records Office, the State Library of Western Australia, the Friends of Battye Library Inc. and the Western Australian Genealogical Society, represent a selection of the guides and indexes available to researchers. Most of the publications described below can be purchased from within the Alexander Library Building.


State Records Office Occasional Papers

From time to time Occasional Papers, written by SRO staff and their collaborators and featuring original research on record keeping issues and/or the State archives collection, are published and made available online in pdf form. These papers are available free of charge, although copyright remains with the SRO and/or relevant authors and cannot be further reproduced without permission.

A list of occasional papers, each with a link to the pdf of the relevant paper, follows:

Occasional Paper No. 1, March 2010 - Anna and Thomas Leonowens in Western Australia, 1853 – 1857; by Alfred Habegger and Gerard Foley


State Records Office Publications

Presently the following publication produced by the State Records Office is available for purchase direct from the State Records Office:

Order in the Court: A Guide to the Records of the Supreme Court of Western Australia / State Archives of Western Australia, (1990).
A comprehensive guide to the records of the Supreme Court transferred to the State Records Office prior to 1990. Contains extensive explanatory notes.
$27.50 (includes GST)

The State Records Office also produces a number of recordkeeping publications designed to promote best practice recordkeeping within government.


State Library of Western Australia Publications

Other publications produced by the State Library of WA that are of interest to local history researchers and genealogists include:

Dead Reckoning: How to Find Your Way Through the Genealogical Jungle of Western Australia / by Steve Howell, (1997).
An excellent guide to the collections of the State Records Office and the Battye Library. Commonly referred to as "The Bible" by State Records Office Enquiry Desk staff.

Our Military Ancestors: A Guide to Sources in the J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History and the State Archives of Western Australia / by Glenda Oakley, (1991).
This guide covers military service in Western Australia and by Western Australians from the establishment of the colony in1829 to Post World War Two. 

Young, Old and In Between: How to Interview for Family History / by Ronda Jamieson, 1 sound cassette and 1 book - kit, (1992).
A "how to" guide on conducting oral history interviews for those seeking to record their own piece of history. 

The Genealogy Centre Resource List: Australasia / compiled by Sue Sondalini, LISWA Bibliographical Series No 2, (1999).  A guide to the extensive collections of Australasian resources held in the State Library's Genealogy Centre. 

These publications are available for purchase from the State Library of WA's Book Shop situated on the ground floor of the State Library near the main entrance.


Friends of the Battye Library Publications

Members of the Friends of the Battye Library Inc have produced a number of useful guides and indexes which may be of interest to researchers. Proceeds from the sale of these publications help finance projects to improve access to the collections of the former Battye Library wand State Records Office and provide funds for the preservation of WA's documentary heritage.

Friends of the Battye Library Inc publications include:

Convict Records of Western Australia: A Research Guide / by Gillian O'Mara, Friends of Battye Library Occasional Paper No 1, (1990).
An extremely useful pocket guide to convict records that provides a comprehensive list of convict related reference material, much of which is located within the State Records Office's collection.

Date It! A Western Australian Chronology to 1929 / by Alfred H. Chate, Bruce Graham and Glenda Oakley, Friends of Battye Library Occasional Paper No 2, (1991).
This is a handy quick reference guide to what happened when in Western Australia. From 1616 onwards are recorded shipwrecks, explorations, settlement, governors, Perth Cup winners, theatre openings, gold finds, fires and many other significant, interesting and unusual events in WA's history.

More Dates! A Western Australian Chronology 1930 to 1989 / Glenda Oakley, Friends of Battye Library Occasional Paper No 3, (1992).
Follow up to Date It! covering the period 1930 to 1989.

Bibliography of 16mm Film Produced in Western Australia to 1950 Held in the State Film Archives of Western Australia / by Kaylene Heard, Friends of Battye Research Bibliography 1 - 3, (1993).

  • Vol I Private Collections 
  • Vol II Government and Fairbridge Collections 
  • Vol III Newsreel and Other Commercial Films 

Colonial Secretary's Office Inward Correspondence (CSR) / transcribed by Graham Bown, microfiche, (1994).
This set of 14 microfiche contains the transcriptions of Volumes 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the Colonial Secretary's Office Inward Correspondence (Accession 36). The complete collection of Inward and Outward Correspondence for the Colonial Secretary's Office can be viewed in the State Records Office.

Bruce Graham Index Series / by Bruce Graham, (1991).
Series of 24 individual indexes to prominent West Australian publications. Complete list of titles available upon application.

For information on these and other titles published by the Friends of the Battye Library please see the Friends of Battye Library publications webpage.

Friends of the Battye Library Inc publications are available for sale from the State Library Book Shop (ground floor near the main entrance). Publications can also be purchased by writing to:

Friends of the Battye Library Inc
PO Box 216
Northbridge WA 6865


FamilyHistoryWA Publications

The members of FamilyHistoryWA (FHWA) have produced a number of publications, many of which are on microfiche, that are of great value to local history researchers and genealogists.

A number of these indexes and guides relate to the collections of the State Records Office and include useful microfiche indexes to passenger lists, convict records, and mining leases.

FHWA have also produced a number of microfiche indexes to Private Archive records and Western Australian newspapers held in the Battye Library.

Catalogues for WAGS books and microfiche and details on how to purchase these publications are available from the FHWA website.