Guides to State Cabinet Records

Each year the State Records Office of WA marks the release of the State Cabinet records from their 30 year access restriction period by producing a Guide to these records. Each Guide covers the previous calendar year's records and is often released on or near Western Australia Day, which occurs on the first Monday in June.

These online Guides facilitate access for the community to State Cabinet records which are historically significant documents revealing the decisions made by the government of the day. These unique records are the primary source documents for information about the issues raised at State Cabinet meetings.

Following is a list of Guides to Western Australian State Cabinet Records for 1975 to 1977, and from 1979 onwards:

Guide to the 1975 State Cabinet Records

Guide to the 1976 State Cabinet Records

Guide to the 1977 State Cabinet Records

Guide to the 1979 State Cabinet Records

Guide to the 1980 State Cabinet Records

Guide to the 1981 State Cabinet Records (433 KB)

Guide to the 1982 State Cabinet Records (587 KB)

Guide to the 1983 State Cabinet Records (394 KB)

Guide to the 1984 State Cabinet Records (408 KB)

Guide to the 1985 State Cabinet Records (584 KB)

Guide to the 1986 State Cabinet Records (764 KB)

Guide to the 1987 State Cabinet Records (859 KB)

Guide to the 1988 State Cabinet Records (627 KB)

Guide to the 1989 State Cabinet Records (612 KB)