SRO Digitisation Services

Public clients may request the digitisation of entire files and other relevant archival materials in the State archives collection for a fee. 

To request files for digitisation, public clients may use the online retrieval system available through the SRO catalogue, or by downloading and completing an Archive digitisation request form providing consignment and item details for each requested archive.

Not all State archives are available for digitisation; such as those archives with restricted access status, those which are too fragile, large volumes and archives in a format which are unable to be digitised.

Each request to digitise archives will be assessed by SRO staff to establish if the condition of the archive is appropriate for digitisation. Clients will be contacted by email with information about the digitisation process and payment options. If deemed suitable, once payment has been received, the SRO will endeavour to provide digitised copies of archives within 20 working days.   

Digitisation Fees and charges

Digitisation is provided in accordance with SRO copyright policy  in order to support research needs. Further information on copyright may be found at the Australian Copyright Council .

While restricted access records are unable to be digitised, on occasion open access records may divulge personal information about living individuals. Consistent with the requirements of SRO’s Conditions for use of Archival Records, researchers agree to protect the privacy of individuals by judiciously using information located in State Archives.

If you have other questions about this service please email or telephone the SRO on (08) 94273600.