Retrieval Times and Requests

The Search Room of the State Records Office is open Tuesday to Friday 10am-4.30pm.


From Tuesday 7 January 2020 we're making a change to archives retrieval times so we can continue to provide good service to all of our customers. From that date, all retrieved archives, whether from our onsite or offsite storage areas, will be available for use in the Search Room at 12 noon each day we’re open (10am-4.30pm Tuesday to Friday).

Each day customers will be able to order up to 10 records that are held onsite, as well as 10 records held offsite. Requests placed before 4pm will be available the next day we’re open at 12 noon. There is no change in the number of records available to customers each day, just the delivery time for these records.

Requests for archives can be made online through registering as a researcher via the SRO's catalogue and customers are encouraged to search the catalogue and place requests in advance. For our regular customers we appreciate the change to retrieval times may mean you have to plan your research differently; and SRO Search Room staff will be happy to assist you as we make this change.

Requests can also be made by telephone on (08) 9427 3600 or in person at the SRO during opening hours.  As per current arrangements, there are no retrievals occur on weekends or public holidays. The SRO's catalogue also allows customers to place orders for digitising archives

We welcome any questions or feedback about our services via email

Clients wishing to view archival records held at the SRO must submit requests in advance. Requests can be made online through registering as a researcher on the SRO's catalogue. They can also be made by telephone on (08) 9427 3600 or in person at the SRO during opening hours. Archives held onsite and offsite will be retrieved  once a day and will be available at 12 noon. Requests received after midday and before 4pm will be retrieved the following working day by 12 noon, Online and email requests made after 4pm will be processed the following day and will be available from 12 noon the next day we're open. The SRO's Search Room is open (Tues-Fri). No retrievals occur on weekends or public holidays.

There is a limit of 10 items per day per customer for retrieval of records held onsite, and up to 10 items per day for records held offsite. SRO staff will advise onsite and offsite holdings.

Items can be requested online by logging in to our catalogue and clicking on the Request item button. Please note, this is an online ordering system only, not a records delivery system. Records must be viewed at the State Records Office Search Room, in the Alexander Library Building. In addition to logging into the catalogue, researchers viewing original material will also need to acquire a Research Ticket which can be arranged on visiting the SRO if that hasn't been arranged before hand.

Search Room staff are also able to accept requests in person or by telephone on (08) 9427 3600. 


  • Previous Day before 4pm - available by 12 noon the following day.
  • Requests received after 4pm - processed the following day and available the next day we're open by 12 noon.

Clients may also make requests by email via

Offsite Retrievals

Records held offsite at the Intermediate Records Repository (eg. most maps and plans, and most consignment numbers greater than 5237) are retrieved Tuesday to Friday and will be available by 12 noon - the same time as onsite.  Like onsite retreivals they also need to be requested by 4pm the previous working day.

NOTE: If you are unable to come in on the day for which you requested items, please ring staff on (08) 9427 3600 and we will arrange for them to be made available at another time.

Call Slips

For each and every item requested an online request can be placed via the SRO's catalogue, or a physical call slip completed at the SRO.

Physical callslips must be lodged with staff at the Search Room Enquiry Desk. Call slips should be filled out as completely as possible and include the following information: researcher's name and details, Accession or Consignment number, item or file number, volume where appropriate, year, as well as the date the item is required.

In cases where requests are being phoned through or emailed the client will need to be able to provide the above details so that a call slip can be completed on their behalf.

"On Hold" Items

If you wish to have items kept for use on another day, please fill in a hold notice (available from the Search Room Desk) and hand to staff with the records. They will be kept on reserve for the day nominated. Items cannot be held for more than two weeks at a time.

Care of Records

It is very important that documents are not unpinned from files. Besides possible loss or damage, the order of the documents may be changed which may alter the perceived meaning of the information. If you wish to discuss theunpinning of files please do so with the Archivist on duty in the Search Room.

Records are not to be marked or damaged under any circumstances and pencil only may be used for note taking.

A full list of the conditions of use for archival material can be found on our Conditions For The Use Of Archival Records page.

Returning Records

Please return archives with copies of the relevant printed call slips with the records when returning them. This helps staff to identify the records and avoid misfiling them.

Please return records to the Enquiry Desk before leaving the Search Room. 

Further Information

Staff are happy to discuss any problems with you and explain the procedures where necessary. Search Room Desk staff can be contacted by telephone on (08) 9427 3600, via email at or in person.