Advanced Search

The Advanced Search toolbar provides users with more filters and the ability to choose specific description types in the results.

Advanced search uses the same searching criteria as the main search, with the ability to look in specific fields, including:

  • Any Field
  • Title
  • Archival history
  • Scope and Content, and
  • Identifier

Use the Top-level descriptions in the left hand menu to search within a series. Enter the title or reference code (Sx, where x is the number) to find the series.

Use wild card, phrase or Boolean searches to further refine your search.

Search results can be saved to the clipboard for later review or exported from the search as a comma separated values file (.csv). A message will pop up asking you to check the job management page.

Click on the link and save the result to your bookmarks for later checking. If you do not bookmark the link, you will not be able to check if the job is still running.