Searching our new database system

The SROWA's online database system has been developed in accordance with national and international archival standards for describing archives, and has been designed to provide a number of different ways of identifying archival material. More detail on archival description is provided in Finding Aids and Indexes, and in the presentation on Archival Intelligence.

Search options provide you with the ability find specific items, series and agencies, from some keywords or phrases, or by using an SRO reference code.

Use part of a reference code to look for records in a single series or consignment.Use Sx for the series and consx for the consignment (where x represents the number). 

The Browse function allows you to choose the type of data you are looking for.

Is it a particular file or group of records?

Look in Archival descriptions.

Are you looking for all the records created by a particular local government or department?

Start with Organisations and People. 

Do you just want to look at some digitised material, to inspire your search or get an idea of what is available?

Choose Digital objects.