Italian immigration into WA

Damien Hassan Monday, October 31, 2016 - 13:10

The State Records Office of WA (SRO) was very pleased to recently host University of Notre Dame student Kathleen Del Casale for a research-based placement during the semester. Kathleen is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree and as part of her studies was required to undertake an internship at a participating institution. Kathleen conducted her placement at SRO to carry out research on Italian immigration into WA using primary source material held in the State Archives Collection, as well as published sources held by other institutions.

Kathleen states: “I was very excited to be accepted as an intern at the SRO. The use of primary documents is so vital in any historic research. Seeing the evidence first hand from the government archives gave me a direct link with the past, embellishing my interpretation and experience in general. While it was daunting to begin my research, the more experience I had in searching and requesting documents, the higher my confidence rose. My suggestion for anyone intending to do similar research through the SRO is to keep your mind open to where you might find information, try different types of documents, explore, you never know where the best information may appear.”

Kathleen was able to gain a greater insight into using government archives for historical research and to integrate theory with practice. Kathleen prepared a historical summary of Italian Immigration into WA as a result of her research.

The SRO strongly supports and encourages the use of government archives by University students for all types of research, be it historical, heritage, architectural, legal or other.

We wish Kathleen all the best for any future studies she conducts.