Margaret Medcalf Award

Margaret Medcalf Award


This annual Award for excellence in referencing and research, honours Miss Margaret Medcalf OAM, the second State Archivist for Western Australia (from 1971 to 1989), for her valuable contribution to the development of archives in Western Australia. Works nominated for the Award must demonstrate use of archival sources, and substantial (but not necessarily exclusive) use of State Archives held by the State Records Office.

Nominated works may be fiction or non-fiction and may comprise any format (i.e. book, article, conference paper, website, index, etc). Nominated works may be published or unpublished. Nominations may be submitted by anyone, including the author of the work. Nominated works must have been completed or published during the previous calendar year.


The judging panel for the Award comprises a member of the State Records Commission, the State Archivist and Executive Director State Records and a well-known WA-based historian.


The judging criteria for the Award are:


Level of use of the State archives collection:
How much does the work rely on archival sources for its argument? What proportion of the cited works are State archives?


Use of referencing:
How well does the work reference the sources in the State archives collection? How easy would it be to locate the archival sources the author references?

Level of contribution to knowledge (historical, cultural, heritage, etc).

Original use of the State archives collection: Does the work use new archival material or use different sources to answer questions or highlight issues? Is well known archival material dealt with in a new or different way?

Presentation: How well has the work been crafted? How well does it stimulate interest in the material? Does the work have community appeal?


The State Records Commission established the Margaret Medcalf Award in 2003.  The Award is a prize of $1000.