A Luminary Series of Records

WA 1828-1988: A Luminary Series of Records Played in Parallel was a commissioned projection artwork created by West Australian artists Sohan Ariel Hays and Benjamin Forster during an enriching four-week residency in the State Records Office of Western Australia.

Passers-by experienced thousands of unique and thought-provoking records abruptly unfolding from the architectural facades of the Perth Cultural Centre during April-May 2012.

This "expanded cinema" artwork was constructed utilising a diverse series of documents sourced from the State Records Office, on a range of subjects from the political, through the bizarre, to the everyday. The artists examined State archives both aleatorically and through constructed narratives, questioning how WA citizens understand themselves and their State in the light of history.

The artwork ran nightly from April 26-May 13 2012 in the Perth Cultural Centre.