Developing a Disposal Authority

The State Records Office (SRO) can assist government organizations with the evaluation of records and the process of developing a Disposal Authority.  Disposal Authorities can apply to:

  • the disposal of current records;
  • records in a superseded filing system;
  • records of an agency ceasing its operations; and
  • a large accumulation of old records.

Agencies should not proceed with revising their existing Retention and Disposal Schedule, or developing a new Schedule, without prior consultation with the SRO

Developing a Retention and Disposal Schedule involves the following steps:

  • Review your Schedule as part of the 5 year review of your organization's Recordkeeping Plan;
  • Complete the Evaluation of the R&D section of the RKP Review Report form;
  • If major revisions or a new Schedule is required, the SRO will provide you with access to the Online Retention and Disposal Application (ORDA).  For further information on ORDA see the ORDA Overview;
  • Ensure the criteria listed in Preparing a Retention and Disposal Schedule are addressed as you develop your Schedule;
  • Use the Appraisal Criteria to determine which records are to be retained as archives and which will be destroyed;
  • Use ORDA to prepare your Schedule ensuring the matters outlined in Structure and Content of a Retention and Disposal Schedule are addressed;
  • Once authorised by your organization, submit the Schedule to the SRO via ORDA;
  • The SRO will review your Schedule and add any comments / recommended changes via ORDA;
  • You will receive an email notification when the SRO has completed its review. Address the matters the SRO has identified via ORDA;
  • Once all matters have been resolved, the SRO will submit your Schedule to the State Records Advisory Committee;
  • The Committee will review your Schedule and may request further amendments;
  • Once any matters the Committee have identified have been addressed, the SRO will submit your Schedule to the State Records Commission.
  • Once the State Records Commission has approved your Schedule, the SRO will notify you and you can implement your Schedule.

Further Information

For advice on how to proceed with obtaining authorisation to dispose of records or for information on creating a Disposal Authority, please contact the SRO’s State Information Management Services Team via email at


Last updated 11 November 2019