Archive boxes


In most cases, archival records awaiting transfer to the SRO should be boxed by the custodial organisation in approved archive boxes.  Standard archive boxes are made from acid free board (neutral pH and buffered). They should carry the National Archives of Australia archival quality trademark and the majority are made in one piece with a flap lid inclusive.

The standard box, suitable for most files, measures 385mm x 250mm x 168mm (internal measurements when box is made up). These boxes are commonly referred to as Type 1 archive boxes. To determine how many boxes will be needed, measure the length of the files as they would stand on a shelf and divide by 0.16m.

Other size boxes are also available to accommodate smaller or larger items.


Archival quality boxes and products can be ordered from the following suppliers:


Archival Survival Pty Ltd
PO Box 2394
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Tel: 1300 78 11 99

Fax: 1300 78 11 46


Zetta Florence Pty Ltd
- Warehouse

PO Box 340, Somerville, VIC 3912
Tel: 1300 784 684