Local Government Elected Members' Records

The State Records Commission’s policy for recordkeeping requirements for local government elected members is as follows:

In relation to the recordkeeping requirements of local government elected members, records must be created and kept which properly and adequately record the performance of member functions arising from their participation in the decision making processes of Council and Committees of Council.

This requirement should be met through the creation and retention of records of meetings of Council and Committees of Council of local government and other communications and transactions of elected members which constitute evidence affecting the accountability of the Council and the discharge of its business.

Local governments must ensure that appropriate practices are established to facilitate the ease of capture and management of elected members’ records up to and including the decision making processes of Council.


Further Information

The State Records Office has developed an Information Sheet  to assist with identifying Elected Members’ records, which should be created and forwarded to their local government administration for capture.

Enquiries regarding principles, policies and standards should be directed to the State Information Management Services Team on (08) 9427 3661 or via email at sro@sro.wa.gov.au.


Last updated 9 October 2013