Recordkeeping Plan Reviews

Section 28 of the State Records Act 2000 requires that no more than 5 years must elapse between approval of a government organisation's Recordkeeping Plan (RKP) and its review.

Government organisations are required to review their RKPs and submit a report of the review to the State Records Commission, via the State Records Office, prior to the expiration of the 5 year period.  The purpose of the review is to enable government organisations comply with section 28 of the Act and to ensure that their recordkeeping systems are continually evaluated and improved in order to meet compliance requirements and continuing business needs.

The organisation's existing approved RKP is to be revisited to establish three main objectives, namely whether recordkeeping practices within the organisation:

  • are still meeting the organisation's business and legislative requirements; or
  • have changed since the RKP was approved; or
  • require improvement or need to be documented differently.

An RKP Review Form and Recordkeeping Maturity Model have been developed to assist government organisations with preparing their RKP review reports.

Recordkeeping Plan Review Report Form (Updated November 2019)  NB: Organizations submitting a Recordkeeping Plan should use the RKP Self-Evaluation Checklists, available under Recordkeeping Plan Templates

Recordkeeping Maturity Model  (Updated October 2016)

An organisation may determine, depending on the results of the review, that their RKP is to be amended. Refer to the Recordkeeping Plan Templates pages for documentation for developing Recordkeeping Plans.


Last updated 26 November 2019