Recordkeeping Training Course Descriptions

The following are descriptions of the training courses offered by the State Records Office.

Introduction to Records Management Practices
Introduces participants to the full range of modern records management concepts. Participants completing the course are able to assist in the development of improved records management practices within their agencies.

Retention & Disposal Authority Design, Development and Records Appraisal
An approved Retention and Disposal Authority plans the life of records from creation through to disposal. Participants are guided through the development, implementation, maintenance and review of such an authority.

Electronic Records: What Are They & How Do We Manage Them?
Issues to do with electronic records are of particular interest to all records management personnel. This course provides an overview of management issues with regard to all forms of electronic records.

Electronic Document Management
This course examines how to effectively manage electronic documents within an agency. Participants learn what document management is and how to use it to meet legislative requirements for the management of electronic records. Issues covered include establishing needs, capture and control of electronic documents, metadata and retention and disposal issues.

Using a Keyword AAA Thesaurus
Participants are provided with the skills necessary to use a keyword thesaurus to classify and index documents and create files for administrative records, and to understand the issues for implementing Keyword AAA into their agencies.

Compiling a Functional Keyword Thesaurus
This two day workshop is designed for people who need to compile, maintain and review a functional keyword thesaurus. It provides an understanding of practical keyword classification tools and the skills to compile a thesaurus for functional records using Keyword AAA.

Local Government Recordkeeping Practices and Records Retention, Disposal and Archiving
This course is designed for local government officers who are responsible for managing the records within their local government authority. Participants are introduced to recordkeeping practices with a local government focus and the General Disposal Authority for Local Government Records. This course is designed to make local government personnel conversant with this tool so that they are able to implement effective disposal programs in their own organizations.

Disaster Planning
Natural or man-made disasters pose a catastrophic threat to an agency's store of information, yet disaster planning is frequently overlooked. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the concepts of disaster planning, its implications for information management programs and suggest practical prevention methods.

Performance Indicators in Records Management
This hands-on workshop looks at developing and implementing performance indicators for records management to enable agencies to monitor and assess the accountable management of public records.

Recordkeeping Plans
This course examines the requirements, development, implementation and management of a 'Recordkeeping Plan' which is compliant with the State Records Act 2000.

Training is available for Western Australian metropolitan, country and regional areas on request. For details please contact the State Records Office on (08) 9427 3661 or .


Last updated 5 July 2013